Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Be Careful Of This Spiritual Trap

 In my formative years, before I consciously stepped onto my own wisdom path, I was beset by low self-worth. Even though I had a four year Bachelor of Arts degree, had studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Shintoism, the American Book of the Dead, I continued to doubt myself and was stuck in the cognitive and spiritual trap of comparing myself to others to measure my own sense of self-esteem and worth. It felt like a dark place to me.

So, I am sharing this experience to admonish you to be careful of the cognitive and spiritual trap of measuring yourself by others’ achievements, comparing yourself to other-self. Doing this, I found, is the height of the ego identification. It’s a dark trap.

How can I help you manage to avoid these traps? I can help you by sharing my experience and tell you unabashedly that it is not important to compare yourself in different timelines to yourself in another moment. It is not important to identify your worthiness by comparison to another. Doing so is a process the lower ego uses to ‘feel’ more important. Your Higher Ego accepts itself as is at all times. Everyone is different from other beings based on levels of awareness, yet, all is ‘one’ in the eyes of the Creator. 

YOU are unique...on every level. Don’t allow your smaller ego to push you into the spiritual trap of low self-worth. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Path of A Cosmic Shaman

Shamans and World Shamanism are very popular today as many seek a deeper, more direct mystical life experience, healing, connection to Spirit and to higher Self. For me, it is only in the last twenty years that I have come to recognize that I am a Shaman and not an Earth Shaman but a Cosmic Shaman. In this blog, I want to share my experience with you of being a Cosmic Shaman and what that path is like. Please know that Earth Shamans do connect with Cosmic forces and they are primarily concerned with healing through Earthly spiritual means. The Cosmic Shaman deals with forces used to heal that are beyond Earth and take into account cosmic beings including Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit guides, Starseeds, planetary Logi, Extraterrestrials, Light Beings and the Spiritual Hierarchy among other cosmic forces like Karma.

How did I come to understand that I was a Cosmic Shaman, what is a Cosmic Shaman and why is that important to you? About twenty years ago I started to have contact with extra-dimensional beings like Angels who appeared to me in many ways including tarot cards, clairaudience, visions, feathers lying about and other means of communication. Then, I started being called by extraterrestrials such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, the Hathors, the Ra Group, the Council of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy among other Ascended Masters and entities. I began to practice the health guidelines shared by these beings to use for myself and others who would listen. 

What is a Cosmic Shaman? In my case, this Cosmic Shaman is in human form and uses the following tools to help myself and others to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually:

1. I have the ability to pass through dimensional boundaries. What that means is that I exist in the nonphysical realms multidimensionality as a matter of who I am and can easily communicate with spirit.

2. I use the tool of being a creator by intent and desire alone which means I am a major Manifestor who can call on Cosmic forces to assist me in helping others.

3. I have the ability to shift timelines with ALL existence with each timeline altered and arranged differently.

4. I am a Lord of Karma and am a place holder for Karma on Planets like Earth.

5. I am able to use my hyper-empathy to feel into everything meaning I can feel what is going on inside of everything from the weather to people and from houses to appliances.

6. I am a Blue Ray Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing who can naturally transmute darkness into Light.

These are the basic traits of a Cosmic Shaman and I am still learning how to more effectively use these tools and abilities since many are esoteric. 

Why this is important to you is that you too are more that your human persona/psyche/ego and have abilities that you can use, like a Shaman, to heal yourself and others. I encourage you to explore those tools and abilities that go beyond the physical that you have to help yourself and others. All it takes is sensitizing yourself to the forces that are already around you. You know they are real and useful. Stop waiting to connect with them.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

I Seek To Comprehend, To Understand

I am gratified that on the Wisdom path I have learned to be mindful of gaining understanding and even more deeply, it is my job to understand. Understanding what, you may ask?

First, we learn to understand our relationship with our Higher Self and then we learn to appreciate our involvement with more advanced beings.What understanding means to me is being in Ascension which is entering and functioning in more refined realms and this functioning in refined realms ultimately puts us in touch with the Creator. It is a way of being. I mean it is a general trait of who I am.

I perceive understanding as part of grasping The Law of One which states that there is only one Self here and it is all inclusive. To exist and function within the parameters of the Law of One demands absolute faith in the Will of the Creator to progress in awareness which gives us greater understanding. Embodiment or spiritual remains part of the Creator. Humanity can’t get outside of the ALL. They do try otherwise but fail.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Sevens Steps Of The Spiritual Path

 What is a spiritual path? What is Spirit? As many have for millennia, I have asked these same questions as I knowingly stepped onto my own spiritual wisdom path. Whether you have asked these questions by now or not, I am sharing my knowledge of what I have come to understand of the nature of the seven steps of the true spiritual path.

To traverse a true spiritual path, I found that I had to be aware that it is a rainbow bridge that we cross into the knowingness that the seven steps of the true spiritual path are represented by the colors of the rainbow and these colors also manifest as the seven chakras that translate as the seven energetic vortices of human multidimensionality. What does this mean?

What this means is that humans contain multidimensional energies that help them traverse the spiritual path providing the energies of Earth, creativity, will, heart, truth, intuition and Spirit (and of course, beyond) So, the true spiritual path is multidimensional, meaning you have to be aware of and pay attention to how you connect with:

1. EARTH-meaning your relationship and connection to all your earthly realities such as money, food, housing, etc.

2. CREATIVITY-this is your ability to manifest.

3. WILL-how clear is your connecting link to intent? 

4. HEART-your ability to be Love now and in every moment is essential.

5. TRUTH-the spiritual path demands that you be true to yourself, to know the differences between the voice of ego and the voice of soul  and avoid spiritual traps born of illusion and delusion. Watch out for cognitive traps.

6. INTUITION-being open to Divine Guidance on the path is the most important practice that allows you to know you are being guided by Spirit and not ego.

7. SPIRIT-this is the energy of the crown chakra and represents your connection with Spirit. The more you are willing to allow Spirit to guide you, the more clarity you receive from Spirit.

The spiritual path is a multidimensional path. It contains ALL seven awarenesses listed above. To be successful on the spiritual path, you have to pay attention to all of these energies within yourself as you walk your path. Look at how you are doing with these energies as this will tell you how you are doing on your spiritual path.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Ascension/Paradise Timeline

 As a Cosmic Shaman I am tasked by Spirit to assist in making sure the Ascension/Paradise timeline continues. I do this by holding a vibration of Love on the planet. What is the Ascension/Paradise timeline and why is it important to you?

First, a timeline is a potential trajectory on which humans are and will travel on. It is a path, a direct experience of moving away from a path of mesmerization with the physical, sensual, ego-driven third dimensional Matrix to a fifth dimensional reality that is the experience of unconditional Love for self and other-self. In the Ascension/Paradise timeline there is no sixth human mass extinction known commonly as Armageddon. 

This is important to you as the real depth of the Ascension/Paradise timeline is to retrieve your soul so that you and collective humanity are no longer fragmented on the bellicose Armageddon timeline; that you are one with the purer aspects of Creation. You perceive Love as the ultimate reality.

What this essentially is, on a deeper level, is a healing of the original cause of the spiritual pain(s) you feel  so you no longer dwell on them any longer. Those who choose to continue on the Armageddon timeline are still hovering over an old wound, an inner crucifixion. Those still on the Armageddon timeline are being asked to find a new flight path, a new journey on the Ascension/Paradise timeline, a journey back to Eden to recover their original Divine nature. That nature is the Self that NEVER LEFT THE GARDEN OF EDEN...who still speaks to the rivers, to the trees, and to God. When they return to Eden, they will be whole again.

Ascension means entering and functioning in more refined realms. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

There Is God And Not The Way Most People Believe Or Not Believe In

Through years of experience in the spiritual realm, I have discovered that I am a messenger of the Divine. While that statement is quite a thing to assert in our hyper-religious Earth environment., it’s not what you think (more on that in another blog and by the way, all humans are messengers of the Divine with many not aware of it) and through being a so-called messenger of the Divine, I have been made aware that God is not how human religions represent God. What did I find out God is and why is it not the way most people believe or not believe it is?

What I found out God is being a messenger of the Divine is that God is man minus ego. What does that mean? It means that God is a BEINGNESS that has the attributes imbued in humans: intelligence. Love, creativity, imagination, energy, manifestation, unlimited, mystery, the mystical, and abundance. These qualities, these aspects are God and found in humans. God of itself does not have what humans call a persona, psyche, ego. God just is. God is everything. 

The reason God is not the way most believe or not believe it is is because humans have made God in its own image of being the same emotional, mental, physical being that humans are. God is both Manifest and Unmanifest at the same time and has no sensual component out of physical form like human have. God can be seen on Earth as everything yet a part of it cannot be seen and that is its mystery.

 To be a messenger of the Divine is to simply be capable of being both in physical form as human and in the Unmanifest mystery of Spirit/God at the same time. I am able to live in a sensual body while also being attuned to the intuition from a God. I don’t perceive God as a man, woman, thing or it. I feel God as a BEINGNESS. That BEINGNESS is both inside me and outside me.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

How Spirit Views Conspiracy Theories (Con’t)

In the first part of this blog, I asked what the true conspiracy facing humanity is if it is not the government trying to do all sorts of nefarious things to us to control us? What can we look to instead of QANON and other conspiracy theories? Spirit shared with me the following revelation.

The true conspiracy that conspires to limit humanity is humanity’s insistent refusal to accept that Karma is real and that it is an absolute Law that operates in the Cosmos. What does this mean?

What it means that human refuses to accept that Karma is real is that most of humanity purposely ignores the Law that how you treat ANOTHER is how YOU will eventually be treated. This is not about revenge. It is about teaching and learning. Learning what? 

Learning what it feels like yourself to do a good or bad thing to another that you may be wiser in your choices of how you treat others. It teaches, by direct action through experience, the old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

I have found that the Law of Karma is about, ultimately, developing and maturing the soul that we may live at a higher level of consciousness. I believe this consciousness is about kindness, loving-detachment, compassion, empathy, tolerance and healing. There is nothing conspiratorial about love and there is something conspiratorial about ignoring love.