What Is The Wisdom Path?

I asked myself, “What is the wisdom path, really?” The answer that I see is that the wisdom path is both a way of perceiving AND an actionable way of behaving. What do I mean by this? I see the wisdom path as a metaphorical path on which a person walks a perceptual level of seeing reality as a direct mystical awareness as in the awareness of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Creator-Source. At the same time we are walking the wisdom path perceptually, we are taking physical actions on these perceptions. For example, the wisdom path is a path of heart, of the soul and I have found the soul’s message on the wisdom path to be that IT is my true essence, not my persona, psyche or ego. My soul continues to tell me that IT is my Divine Guidance and when I listen to it, it will direct me in only the best ways for myself. As a result of knowing my soul is Divine Guidance, I take the positive, non-harmful actions IT encourages me to take AND I take action on it.  This is the connection that I have

We humans On Earth Are Living In An Intelligent, Responsive Playground

From my connection with Divine Guidance, I have been guided to understand that this Earth reality is a “playground,” in a sense, where we humans incarnate into an alive, intelligent, responsive, creative matrix/program in order to be divinely guided by all that is in this playground including ourselves and others. How do I know this and what does it mean for you? I know that this matrix we humans are in is alive, intelligent, responsive and creative because from my years being on the wisdom path, I have learned to consciously watch, listen, witness, perceive, interact with and decode what this Earth reality is telling me, is guiding me to and away from. I have discovered that the so-called Universe talks to us humans if we care to listen. How does the Universe talk to us humans? In addition to psychic phenomena including human intuition, the Universe talks to us through other people, animals, plants, weather patterns and anomalies, books, spirits, license plates, dreams, TV shows, movi

Don’t Try Wrapping A Bow Around Thoughtlessness

I believe in forgiving thoughtlessness in people; I don’t believe in wrapping a nice big bow around thoughtlessness. What am I talking about? When I say I don’t believe in wrapping a bow around thoughtlessness, I’m saying I have found that it is not instructive to or helping the chronically thoughtless person by rewarding them in some way, being thoughtful of THEM, thinking it will send them the message NOT to be thoughtless. Perhaps your message of kindness will  get through to them and if they are repeat offenders of being thoughtless in their relationship with you, the best method of helping them is not always continuing thoughtfulness toward the thoughtless. What is the best method of dealing with thoughtless people? I have found the best method of dealing with thoughtless people is Loving-detachment. What is Loving-detachment and why does it work? Loving-detachment is keeping the person at arms length while not withdrawing your Love for them. You keep them at bay while maintaining

Something Beyond The Physical Begins With A Feeling

Our human sensory ability to touch and experience our physical environment is the beginning of connecting with Spirit. Why is that? The reason touch is the beginning of connecting with Spirit, with something beyond is because touch engenders a feeling in humans and feelings are messages from the Soul, from beyond the physical world we live in. We can't see feelings. They are invisible just like our Souls are. In truth, our physical world itself is a reflection of our feelings that come from our Soul. We humans are really having a soulful experience when we think it's only physical.  A good example of something beyond the physical beginning with a feeling is when we humans have intuition based on our interaction with our physical universe. It could be a hug from another person, immersing yourself in a hot tub or cold shower, shaking someone's hand, stroking the fur of your cat, holding a crystal or rock, etc. These tactile experiences are interpreted by our brain and our sou

Your Physical Body, Mind And Emotions Are The Vessels Of Your Soul

The more I travel on my wisdom path, the more I am guided to realize and see that what this human life experience is all about is being a vessel for my soul. I have discovered that my physical body, mind and emotions are the actual vessels of my soul that is on Earth for the specific purpose of expanding its awareness through a third dimensional experience. What does this signify for us as humans? What being a vessel for our soul on Earth means is that this entire human experience is a spiritual experience in that our soul is driving this human body, mind and emotion, the soul is driving this bus. We humans are the hardware and our soul is the software and we have built in platforms for our soul to express itself., for our soul to communicate with and through us. A great example of seeing the soul in action is through creative expression. When you see a dance concert, a theatre production, an opera, a music concert, a singer, a painting, a photograph, you are experiencing and seeing th

Everything Is A Reflection of You

We live our lives and many times we state, “Why is this happening to me?,” not realizing that EVERYTHING in our reality, in our lives is a reflection of who we believe and think we are. What does this mean? What it means that what we experience, what arrives, what appears in our lives is a reflection of us in that how we feel, think and believe INSIDE manifests, create our reality OUTSIDE. Our reality shows us unflinchingly who we are. For example, if you are on your own wisdom path, those beliefs you have about the path, about Spirit will attract to you the resonance, the vibes that your thoughts align with. If you are fearful of being on a wisdom path, for example, you become a being, a person of fear and as such you become a “fear caller” calling fear to yourself (making you an animal of prey) which can manifest in your reality as you being preyed upon by someone who is not in fear but preys on people who are because they are not good people. See where I’m going with this? How do we

The Difficulties With Being Between I AM And I AM Not

We have all been between I AM and I AM not, I have found and when we are between I AM and I AM not, that’s when our lives feel dark, confusing, weird and empty. What does that mean? Why is it important to you? What it means to be between I AM and I AM not is to be in a state of confusion as to who and what you are, to be lacking in self-worth, to not believe in yourself and your inherent abilities to create your life without difficulties. The wisdom path taught me that the bottom line is we are all capable of manifesting, we are all inherently capable to create and have the lives of our dreams and to think and believe otherwise is delusional. Why is it delusional? It’s delusional to live between I AM and I AM not because you are ALWAYS who and what you are with a mind, heart, body and soul capable of great things, capable of whatever you want to achieve.  Why this is important to you is because there is no need to live in confusion as to who and what you are: a human being who has the