What Are People Talking About When They Say, "The Universe Gives You?"

For those of you who are tuned into all this talk about how we are connected to the "Universe," who and what is the "Universe" and how does this supposed relationship with it really work?

From years of my own study, work on and figuring out what the Universe is and how to work with it, I have discovered that the Universe is me on a microcosmic level. My so-called Universe is an aware energy field that literally surrounds my body and contains all that I am in terms of what I have been, what I am and my potentials. It is also interactive and is a piece of the macrocosmic Universe. My own little Universe that surrounds me is an energy field that surrounds me that is a field of infinite possibilities. I am not missing anything. I just have to know how to speak to my Universe and know how it works. So, how does it work?

What I have found is that my Universe works when I use pure intent to make a thing happen in my life. I have an intentions to do a thing. I want to have love. I want more money. I want more success. My intent is picked up by, is felt by my Universe, my field of infinite possibilities and it attunes to what I desire. The Universe is a mirror for what I am, not what I want. If I am mean, my Universe will give me mean experiences. If I am loving, my Universe will give me loving experiences. 

My Universe also connects to the macrocosmic Universe and picks up my intent and changes the design of the over all Universe. It does not give me what I want, it gives me what I am. It is not a thing that happens to me, it happens for me.

So, if I am love, that is, I think, feel and behave in loving ways, the Universe attunes to my loving ways and creates a loving and healing reality with me. It's that simple. When people say, "the Universe gives you," they are saying that you are giving yourself. You are having a relationship with yourself. That tells you all you need to know. Be the Universe that you are. 


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