We Can All Speak With Spirit

I nearly died. I was in the hospital after a virus attacked my kidneys and caused heart and kidney failure. While getting care in the hospital, I thought about my death and then thought about whether Spirit would tell me if this was my time or not. I went within myself and asked Spirit, "Is this my time of leaving or am I to stay in body and do more on the planet?" I waited for Spirit to answer. Why did Spirit say?

When I say, "Speak to Spirit," I literally mean speaking to Spirit like speaking to a human. However, Spirit does not answer the way a human would. Spirit is not linear and finds its way to us in the least expected ways. The way that Spirit answered me was by a convergence of family and health care professionals doing everything they could to help me heal. The love from family, the help from family, the incredible attention paid to me by doctors, nurses and technicians made me see that I was meant to stay in body longer and that my assignment here on Earth was not over just yet. I also felt a sense within that I took as an answer from Spirit. It was a confidence, a good feeling. I had my answer. Why does this concern you?

This talking to Spirit concerns you because I know that anyone can talk to Spirit if they want to. Spirit is available to all of us and is a reliable and profound Divine connection that can provide us with everything we need to know. We just have to ask. On the other side of this equation, Spirit asks that we be there for it. How do we do this?

We can be there for Spirit when we believe in Spirit, contact Spirit and also answer when Spirit calls us. If you have never engaged with Spirit, it takes time to develop the perception and awareness to know when Spirit is calling you and when it's talking to you. The best way to do this is to go within through meditation, introspection, contemplation, silence, going into nature and looking around you for the signs that Sprit will give you in the form of affirmations of the world, synchronicities and omens. The world of Spirit is alive and will speak to us. It did me. It is very reassuring, I can tell you.


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