What Makes Humans Essentially Human?

As we get closer to the remembrance of the Christ Consciousness we know as the Christ Mass or Christmas, I am reminded of what it means to be essentially human. The state of being essentially human is a state I have consciously been aware of for many years, practice and want to speak on here. So, what is the secret sauce to be essentially human?

What I have found to be essentially human is to acknowledge. believe, understand and be our soul or, the Christ consciousness within ourselves. Yes, humans have a soul and what I see is that many humans either ignore this fact or outright reject that they have a soul. For me, to reject that one not only has a soul but is a soul is to reject what makes humans fundamentally human: that they are endowed with the spark of life of the Creator called a soul. 

From what I've witnessed is this-to reject one's soul is to live in a soulless manner and I believe we can see the horrible behavior humans endeavor in when they believe they are soulless. Being soulless is being disconnected from unconditional love. I see that a disconnection from unconditional love results in a bellicose society that allows and lives in terrible suffering and recrimination.

So, what can we do to become soulful? I can only tell you what I have done to connect with my soul and be love in every moment. I have practiced meditation, going into nature, connecting more with my intuition, showing charity and generosity, being introspective, contemplative and forgiving, approaching life with an open mind, mastering my physical, mental and emotional selves among other practices. With these practices, I have been able to connect more and more with my own soul, grow my soul's awareness and connect with the soul of others. 

In this way, I know who I am and I know who others are. I move forward with being love in every moment and because of that I am not bellicose, I do not suffer and I am loved by others.


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