My Wife's Misperception Of Me Showed Me Who I Am

A number of years ago, my wife exclaimed to me that I was wearing my spirituality on my sleeve. She felt that I was expressing myself spiritually a lot and that I should be more sedate about it. It made me realize that she had a fundamental misunderstanding of me as a Pisces personality. What was that misunderstanding and why is it important for me to share with you?

My wife's misunderstanding was something that was natural when you don't realize that a Pisces personality IS spirituality in human form, is intuition, the dream time, imagination and emotion all in action as a physical being. It wasn't that I was wearing my spirituality on my sleeve, I was just being who I am. I did not realize this until my wife said what she said about my wearing my spirituality on my sleeve. Of course I was wearing my spirituality on my sleeve. I was being myself.

The reason I want to share this with you is because we all have different aspects of Spirit that we evince as the physical beings we are. My aspects just happen to be spirituality, intuition, emotion, dream time and imagination. It's not that I am talking about these things, I AM these things so I'm just expressing my SELF!

I do understand that my Pisces aspects can, at times, be off-putting to others and so I do consider other's feelings when I express these elements of myself but I can't help being me and neither can you whatever your positive and at times, shadow aspects of your character are, they must be acted upon without harm to others or yourself. I believe that when we are acting on these native aspects of ourselves with integrity, we are authentic, we are just being ourselves and that to me, is the highest form of integrity, of love and of purpose.

Be yourself, know yourself and while listening to others about you, allow what they say to be a lesson for you, to help you understand yourself better, good, bad or indifferent. As long as you remain true to yourself, you will be happy.


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