I Am Not A Spiritual Seeker, I Am A Spiritual Being-ness

I am not a spiritual seeker. Why is that? 

I am not a spiritual seeker because I am already spiritual in that I am already Spirit having a slowed-down spiritual experience. What am I then?

What I am is a spiritual BEING-NESS. What does that mean?

That I am a spiritual being-ness means that I am having a spiritual experience in the form of WHAT WE all agree to CATEGORIZE as a human being in an actionable reality called Earth. In effect, human, is a term, not a real thing. You can call me human if you want but what I am is Homo Luminous which is a non-physical aspect of what I really am which is Light. I am densely compacted Light that is perceived by myself and others as what we call physical. I am not physical. I just think I am. I am Spirit and I have come to Earth for the sole purpose of expanding my soul's and the soul's of others' awareness of my and their true nature which is that I and they are God in form. What does that mean?

That I am expanding my soul's and the soul's of others' awareness is that I know that the form I have taken and the experiences I have are all helping to expand my soul's awareness on purpose. In effect, I am God exploring my sense of Self. I am going further and further into what it means to be the "I AM." I am exploring all aspects of my Self and that exploration is not seeking, it is being who and what I am, it is my nature to do this as the piece of God I am. God is not "out there somewhere." God is me and you on Earth exploring what it means to be God. God just is. God becomes an actionable being through us. When I encounter you and see you, I am encountering the Beloved (God) as YOU. Whenever I engage in anything spiritual, I am simply learning so that I can expand my sense of Self or who I am as God. I connect to such aspects in myself and others as Love, joy, happiness, abundance, health, tolerance, peace and kindness among many others.

When we realize that all we do and all we are is God itself AS us, we realize that everything is possible. No matter who you are, you are exactly who you are supposed to be good, bad or indifferent and you are exploring what it means to be God as you. 

Like yourself a little more and you'll be doing what you came here to do.


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