To Connect With God, Do Nothing.

The wisdom path is a great teacher and it has taught me so many things. I always say that when I learn something new from the wisdom path, that wisdom is the most important thing I have learned and then the path teaches me an even greater understanding. I would like to share the latest, greatest teaching from the wisdom path with you. What is that teaching?

The greatest teaching that I have learned from the wisdom path is that to connect with God, do nothing. Do nothing? How is that supposed to work? 

Please stay with me on this teaching. The reason the wisdom path taught me to do nothing to connect with God is that it revealed that I am already God having a slowed-down spiritual experience in the form of a soul in a human body. My body already contains God albeit in a stepped-down vibrational frequency we know as body or physical. So, the question you are asking is, "If I don't have to do anything to connect with God, how do I connect with God?'

As I mentioned above, the answer is to do nothing and just BE the God in form that you are. How can we BE the God in form that we are?

From my vantage point of now BEING God in form, I can tell you what makes people believe that they are separate from God and God is not them and God is out there somewhere. Four actions that we humans take prevent us from being God: Distraction, deception, delusion and distortion. We are so caught up in these actives that we can't see that we are God having a slowed-down spiritual experience, we can't see that God is everything in us and around us. We are in God's country. So, how can we change this in ourselves to be able to BE God in our physical bodies?

What we have to do is not a doing but is a BEING God in our physical bodies and to stop thinking. God is not on the level of thought. God is on the level of IS. How do we get to IS. We get to IS by first saying to ourselves, "I AM That I AM" and then believing it and living it. 

God is everything from the flowers to the Sun, from the oceans to the trees. Everything's essence is God including the essence of humans. By saying "I AM That I AM" we are taking the very first step to touch and BE God within ourselves. "I AM That I AM" is a code that unlocks all the synchronicities that will prove to you that God is you and is in everything. 

Start speaking that code, meditate on that code now and Don't stop. God will connect with you and you with God and reveal the you are God in form. Take no physical action. Simply repeat, "I AM that I AM."


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