When We Acknowledge Our Infinite True Nature, We Are Never Depressed Part II

Today I continue with part II of the blog entitled, "When We Acknowledge Our Infinite True Nature, We are Never Depressed." In part I, I expressed becoming aware of the true nature of every human being and that true nature is infinite. Obviously, it is not infinite when ww are in a human body because a body has a linear timeline and so there is an ending to our bodies at some point. What does not have an ending is our Spirit which is a much higher aspect of our soul and has its own Spiritual Journey through the arc of infinity. Yes, our Spirit is also on a journey of learning as it delves deeper and deeper into the nature of itself forever. The question I left you with in part I is how do we as humans come to first acknowledge our infinite nature and then work on this when we are in body? 

I will attempt to answer this question based on my own Soul Path and connection to my infinite Self.

What I have found about how to first acknowledge and then work on the infinite aspect of our beingness is that we as humans must first have developed a curiosity about ourselves as something more than a human body. To get to the point where we ARE curious about this, we have to expand our awareness just a little bit. The reason we have to expand our awareness is because it is in our expanded awareness that we can even have any interest in acknowledging our infinite nature. So it starts with how expanded our awareness is. How do we begin to expand our awareness?

We begin to expand our awareness by becoming more sensitive to our intuition which we can do by simply having more life experiences and reading more about life in general, going out into nature and taking in the higher vibrations that are in nature that will help expand our awareness, take time for ourselves to sit alone and be in silence that we may hear the whispers of infinity, allow ourselves to contemplate who and what we are, dedicating for ourselves time for introspection, doing some meditation everyday. All that I just mentioned is about going into yourself. This is where you start but not where you end. The practices I just listed are the entry point into expanding one's awareness that one may be able to even have a glimpse into one's infinite nature. If you are reading this, it is a sign you are interested in this subject or recognize that you are on a Soul Path and Spiritual Journey.

These practices above take time, effort, patience and dedication. If you are dedicated to finding out and eventually acknowledging your true infinite nature, the above practices are a very good start to knocking on the door of infinity and once you do, when infinity knocks back and it will, you cannot be afraid to answer. In answering the call of infinity, you are saying to yourself and infinity that you want to be more enthused, excited and optimistic about life and you have just found a major key to unlocking how to do it.


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