When We Acknowledge Our Infinite True Nature, We Are Never Depressed Part I

If you are reading this, you are on a similar path as I am. That is the path of the infinite soul that walks a Soul Path while on Earth and after Earth, has a Spiritual Journey through the arc of infinity. I discovered something when acknowledging that we humans are infinite beings that made me realize that there is a part of me that is always excited and never gets bored, depressed or down about life when in human form. What is that part of me that never gets bored and what did I find out about it?

The part of me that never gets bored is my Spirit part. The Spirit part of me goes beyond soul, is higher than soul. It is the Higher Self that projects the soul. The soul is for Earth and my Spirit is for the Cosmos. What my Spirit knows is that it is infinite and is on a "Spiritual Journey across the arc of infinity." What does that mean?

That my Spirit knows it is on a Spiritual Journey across the arc of infinity means that my Spirit is aware that its central cosmic intent is to explore its own nature as it moves through infinity which means moves through the endless continuum of the now. When we are Spirit, there is no time. Time is a logical construct that is created for the Soul Path while in a human body. When we humans are not in body and we are advanced enough spiritually, we are aware we are our spirit and we know that we are continually exploring the nature of Self, that is, what does it means to be, to have beingness? 

The themes of the Self that we explore are infinite and the best place to explore these themes is when we are in a format like a human body which is an actionable, experiential energy form. In body we can explore themes of the Self such as what is Creation and what is my role in Creation? Spirit never gets tired of exploring cycles of growing its consciousness in understanding something at deeper and deeper levels of infinity. This awareness does something to the nature of Spirit, soul and human. What does it do?

The awareness that we as Spirit are continually exploring the nature of Self through the Cosmos gives Spirt, soul and human an optimism, an excitement, a great sense of hope and adventure through the deep exploration of Self that never ends. This sense is always embodied when Spirit manifests soul which manifests physical, in our case, human. When we have the human experience, we are still Spirit and we can still be aware of the sense of our infinite nature and that sense helps us stay optimistic, happy, enthused, and engaged as humans because we know we are on a Soul Path exploring Self once again but this time, exploring different themes our soul decided it needed to learn from to expand its own awareness. An example would be a soul who is an actor while human who must be self-absorbed gaining the awareness of the importance of service to others and wants to explore that theme. and moves out of self-absorption to seeing and serving others.

The point of this esoteric explanation is that the key to staying enthused, happy, excited and optimistic while being a human is to connect with this infinite sense in our Spirit. You are asking right now, "How do I connect with this sense of being an infinite Spirit?" I am going to explore that with you in the second part of this blog.


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