The Tools And Practices Of Spirit Are Razor Sharp...Be Careful Not to Cut And Harm Yourself

I have found that when you engage with the tools and practices of Spirit, you have to be very careful, you have to really know what you're doing because the tools and practices of Spirit are like razor sharp knives and they can cut you and even kill you when you work with them mindlessly. The tools and practices of Spirit are no joke and they must be taken seriously and honored and used conscientiously. Some of the tools of Spirit are working with a Guru and Shaman, taking mind altering psychotropic substances, doing yoga, meditation, reading sacred texts, Shamanic journeying and many others. How do we do that?

To avoid cutting and harming ourselves with the sharp tools and practices of Spirit, I have found that we must take the time to understand and accurately practice what we are doing and why we are doing it. For example, why do we ingest Ayahuasca which is a very powerful plant medicine and hallucinogen that is meant for deep spiritual journeying? While it is a powerful practice that helps us make important changes in our lives for the better, one has to know what one is getting into and be prepared for what Ayahuasca will show us. It is not a plaything. There is a Spirit in Ayahuasca and once we ingest it, we can't go back so we better be ready for what we see and if we are not prepared it can do some serious damage to our psyches and our egos. If we are using a Shaman to guide us during a Ayahuasca ceremony, we better know if the Shaman is for real and know's what she is doing. We can't take that for granted. Do you see what I'm getting at here? Ayahuasca is a very sharp spiritual tool and if we are not ready, it can cut us and even kill us. What is the key to NOT getting cut?

The key to not getting cut by Spirit's sharp tools and practices is to be discerning and use common sense. I advise people to begin their work with Spirit by learning meditation, studying with a spiritual master who knows what they are doing and is a positive person. I also advise that people corroborate what they learn on their spiritual path. Check everything out for the truth and accuracy of the spiritual tools and practices. How do the use of these tools and practices make you think and feel? If you are confused then you are not using spiritual tools correctly or not being shown correctly. I believe is doing a lot of study and research on Spiritual practices. Lastly, I believe in questioning everything no matter what the Guru or Shamans says to you. Question it. Ask why and delve into the meaning of everything. Know what everything is for. Know the details.

While I believe in keeping an open mind with things spiritual, I also use my common sense and am careful with who and what I align with. I have also found that when I take in too much spiritual information, I get spiritual indigestion and don't feel well. I use my intuition to guide me as to whether a spiritual tool and practice are right for me. I read a lot, listen to other opinions, try things out and ultimately see how I feel. I also continue to check out other spiritual leaders to see what they are thinking, saying and doing. Ultimately, after much practice with spiritual tools and practices, I find what I like and am comfortable with and what I am guided to by Spirit itself. This takes patience, dedication, common sense and discernment. Above all else, think for yourself.


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