How Spirit Speaks To Humans

To be on the wisdom path, is to learn that we humans are having a spiritual and not physical experience, I have found. What does that mean?

That we humans are having a spiritual experience and not a physical one means that everything is spiritual meaning it is of Spirit/God, it is informed by Spirit and we are the energy of Spirit in a focused reality that makes us believe we are "physical." I have experienced that, because we are spiritual, we can easily connect with and speak with what we already are, Spirit. How does Spirit speak to us?

I gradually came to see that Spirit speaks to us through other people, Angels, Archangels, Ascended masters, Extraterrestrials, movies, books, songs, letters, nature and much more. The Universe around us contains Spirit and it is interactive with us, we just have to be open and aware enough to perceive the synchronicities. 

For example, I just read a letter that my wife, who passed away in 2012, had written about her deep pain over the risky drug-taking behavior of our 15 year old son. I accidentally found this letter, 25 years after it was written, tucked away in "My Sunday Missel Explained" that was hidden amongst a bunch of her collectables in our piano room. The letter was her plea, her supplication to God to please help our son, to help her find solace. It was the most emotional and wrenching letter I have ever read!!! I asked myself why it was that I saw this letter now for the first time. It then came to me that Spirit was communicating a mother's deep love and concern for her son through my deceased wife's writing. I recognized in that moment that Spirit has different and nonlinear ways of communicating with us. My wife had never really shared the depth of her suffering over our son's behavior and I finally read her heartfelt supplication to God or what I like to call Spirit. 

The point I'm reiterating is that Spirit speaks to us THROUGH other people and when we have the awareness to appreciate that, it renews our connection to Spirit in a deeper way and we know Spirit is there. Spirit shared a very powerful awareness with me through the words of my deceased wife, written 25 years ago and placed in the back of a book that may never have been looked at by me but my intuition nudged me to look at her collectables and I accidentally came upon her letter. This is how Spirit speaks to us and we must trust that it IS the voice of Spirit because everything and everyone is spiritual.


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