Your Soul Chose Your Human Self, So You Are Exactly Who Your Supposed To Be!

From my work on my own wisdom path which I perceive as a divinely guided inner path of heart, I have discovered that the human being is chosen by its soul on purpose and we humans are exactly who we are supposed to be. What does this mean and why is it important to understand?

What I have learned about the soul is that it choses who it is going to be very carefully based on what it wants to accomplish in expanding its awareness in a particular lifetime. No lifetime is ever wasted and the soul does not judge the human it has chosen to be. This means that we humans are intimately connected to our souls and they rely on us humans to follow their lead, their lead being the purpose it came into a body. This has particular importance in how we judge one another. How so?

How is it possible to judge someone for something we don't like about them when they are simply fulfilling who they are supposed to be? Like each of us, the are fulfilling what ever level of awareness their soul is wanting to expand into. It may be very different from you and I but they are still here on Earth doing the same thing you and I are doing and that is expanding their soul's awareness of some aspect of itself that it needs to achieve. There are many things the soul explores when it is in a human form. It could be learning to not be selfish and be in service to others or it could be to recognize that you are a part of Cosmic Intent. Everyone has a different aspect their soul is working on and it seems uncanny that we judge each other when what a person is doing here is just working on expanding their soul's awareness. So, what can we do to stop being judgmental of others?

I had the problem of being judgmental of others and what I learned and what was helpful to do was see them as beings who were learning and that who they were was part of that learning and they were exactly who they were supposed to be. I always then gave people a chance. I worked on this. It did not mean that I took people's abuse or stayed around people who were unkind. It meant that I did not dismiss them out of hand and gave them a chance to prove themselves to me. If I could not be around them I simply went my own way. I worked very hard on this. It was not easy but I really learned that each of us is here for a reason and that is to expand our sour's awareness no matter what level of a person we are. I have found this to be a very good perspective on life that helped me get along with many, many different kinds of people.

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