What Is Meant By "Humans Are Multidimensional"?

 If you have heard the phrase, "humans are multidimensional" and have had some misunderstanding of what that means, join the club. When my own wisdom path informed me of what human multidimensionality was, I was surprised because I thought it meant something else. Please allow me to share with you what human multidimensionalalty really is about as provided to me from my own divine guidance.

When the phrase, "humans are multidimensional" is used, it is referring to the fact that we humans have a beingness that is everything, everywhere, all the time. It means, more specifically, that pieces of our soul are having different experiences in different dimensions (you can say places, realms, etc.) that are as real and physical as this one we are in right now. For example, there is a dimension right now where I am a multi-million dollar blogger and podcaster and not the person making no money from these insights. There is a dimension where I don't do any blogging and podcasting. Catch my drift? In addition, and most incredible, is that these dimensions are endless., that is, infinite like the soul is. You heard me, endless. The dimension we are in now gives us a clue to the truth of this. Have you ever put a mirror in front of another mirror and seen yourself multiplied as far as you can see. It's the same with the soul. It is multiplied through multiple dimensions. You, my friends, are have multiple experiences in many dimensions right now as I write this and you can access them and talk to yourself there!!!!!!!! How do you go to these other dimensions and talk to the person you are there?

To talk to yourself in other dimensions, you have to go into meditation with the intent of meeting a specific you in that dimension. For example, let's say you want to meet a very wealthy you if you are not wealthy already. You simply give intent before you go into meditation to meet the wealthy you and you allow yourself to do so. Some people call this "Quantum Jumping." You can get more information about "Quantum Jumping" and going to other dimensions to meet your other selves on the internet. There are also people who can help you with guided meditations. Why would you want to meet your other selves in other dimensions?

For me, meeting other parts of me in other dimensions is about learning about skills and abilities that my other self has that I don't have in order to learn something that I want to do in this dimension from my other self. It is a way to expand my awareness and open myself up to something I want to learn how to do in this dimension that I don't know how to do or believe I don't know how to do. It is a way of enhancing my life. I can say from having done some "Quantum Jumping" that it is helpful and mind altering in a positive way that has many good benefits for the life you are in now. 

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