Cosmic Intent. What Is It?

Have you heard of the term, Cosmic Intent? What does it mean, why is it important to understand and why am I writing about it here?

What Cosmic Intent is is the energy, as expressed as waves of higher spectrum thought, of the highest consciousness that we humans translate as Love and all the gradations of Love like peace, tolerance, compassion, kindness, happiness, hope, joy, etc. This energy of the Cosmic Intent as expressed by thought (we can see it as expressed by light, for example the light of our auras) behaves just as Solar flares do and bombards the Earth and all if its inhabitants. You've heard of love bombs? Well, these are thought bombs that travel faster than light.

It is important to understand Cosmic Intent because it comes into us humans for a reason. It passes into us that we may become it. What is meant by this?'

What is meant by the fact that Cosmic Intent is passing into us as waves of perceivable thought as seen as light is that it wants us to consciously become it, that is, it wants us to become, to integrate Love and all its aspects. It wants us to be these qualities and to behave as these qualities to simply enjoy the true nature of who we are and existence which is joy, bliss, happiness, abundance, great health and great longevity in human form. I know of this. How?

How I know of this is because I have the consciousness of Cosmic Intent. I did not always know this about myself and I began to see this in myself beginning in my late teens and early twenties. I began to attract Cosmic Intent and my consciousness was high enough (I had no clue about this at the time) that I was able to synthesize the energies of the waves of thought of Cosmic Intent passing into me. I realized that I was always Cosmic Intent (so are you) and that I had to grow my awareness to encompass it and realize it in my human life. 

Why I am writing about Cosmic Intent here is because the planet and all who are on it are being bombarded by heavy Cosmic Intent as well as already being Cosmic Intent and we are being asked to raise our consciousnesses that we may, as a human collective, create a planet of Love and not fear. A planet of cooperation and not competition. A planet of abundance for all and not just the 1%. A planet of environmental health and not sickness that we are now seeing throug mass pollution. A planet where there is great health for all, great opportunity for all and societies that support human achievement of the highness degree not just in having lots of money but in having peace, purpose, happiness, sustenance and success for all. 

We must now allow Cosmic Intent to reside in our consciousnesses in a more expanded, conscious way to know it as us and this is a choice we must make.  By the way,, we are already doing this to the level of our own conscious ABILITY and I am encouraging all of you reading this to become, like me, more aware cosmic beings. Start with loving yourself as that is the beginning of Cosmic Consciousness.

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