Why Is A Wisdom Path Important?

I look around and see that many of my relations, the human collective, have no regard for a Wisdom Path. It is of no import to them. They have no perspective of life, they see no meaning in life. I see this as a grave miscalculation. Why do I see this as a grave miscalculation and why is a Wisdom Path important?

To ignore a Wisdom Path is a big mistake because a Wisdom Path is a way to both sharpen one's perception of the world for greater inner clarity AND to practice it on the ground in real time that you may show it and bring it to others who can benefit. It is both a mindset and a behavior. To not avail oneself of a Wisdom Path, whatever that path is, is a mistake that leaves one to the vagaries of life, at the mercy of the laws of the Cosmos such as Karma. With no Wisdom Path, one remains out of control and is taken wherever the wind blows. A Wisdom Path is vital for happiness, abundance, peace and compassion because one learns how to use the seven tools, the seven components of a Wisdom Path. What are the seven components of a Wisdom Path?

The components or tools of a Wisdom Path are made up of seven aspects I have learned that are within ourselves, that we already possess as who we are and are the crucial keys to a life of self-mastery. They are:

1. Discernment

2. Creativity

3. Heart

4. Intuition

5. The Intellectual Mind

6. Striving

7. The Will

These tools are right here within us, waiting to be used for our self-mastery, for our greater self-awareness which helps us to use our energies more efficiently. I have found that by being on a Wisdom Path, I have shed the need for anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, PTSD, sadness, unhappiness, greed, apprehension, fear, hatred, envy, jealousy and anger. I now live AS the Wisdom Path, that is, I live in harmony with all that is. I perceive AS the Wisdom Path and behave AS the Wisdom Path. If I, anyone else or anything else knocks me off my Wisdom Path, I am strong enough to come back to center. You can avail yourself of a Wisdom Path right now. Do it. It's free. It takes only one step and you are on your way, just one step. That's why I call it Step Onto Your Own Wisdom Path.

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