The Eagle's Gift. What Is It?

The Eagle's Gift is both the name of a book by renowned author and sorcerer Carlos Castaneda and a tool the book reveals that is a gift given by Spirit that you may use to have a conscious death and retain your essential awareness of who you are. What is a conscious death? 

A conscious death is where one's awareness remains intact and you do not lose your sovereign awareness in the so-called afterlife. You remain aware that you are Spirit and continue on your spiritual journey through the Cosmos. Spirit grants this awareness to those who work on befriending death, knowing there is no death and who release the false belief that when a person dies, the lights go out or that a person is consumed by Spirit thereby losing their individual awareness. Does everybody receive the Eagle's Gift?

No, not many receive the Eagle's Gift because they are not willing to see that awareness continues after death. They allow indoctrination of religion and society to scare them off from even having the realization that they are Spirit even when they are in a human body and they are just slowed down Spirit when they are a human. So, how does one get the Eagle's Gift?

One earns the Eagle's Gift from Spirit by expanding one's awareness while a human by practicing mind altering meditations and practices that connect you with your soul, your Spirit and Great Spirit. When I say mind altering, I mean getting out of the fear of death, getting out of the false notions that you are just a body and when you die, there is nothing. That's simply not true. There are many practices that can help you open up to who you really are which is Spirit. Some of these practices are transcendental meditation, Higher Self yoga, going out into nature often, going into periods of silence, using contemplation, introspection, intuition, reading sacred texts, doing shamanic work, studying with a real Shaman and many other practices that take you into a non-ordinary state. The key is to connect to that which you truly are... Spirit. Once you have alerted Spirit that you are serious about receiving the Eagle's Gift, Spirit will come to you and work with you. 

This journey is not for the feint of heart. You need to really be sincere about the Eagle's Gift mainly because Spirit is very powerful and delving into a direct relationship with Spirit takes some doing, takes honesty, courage, curiosity, patience, fearlessness and Love. Tread carefully. It's worth the effort but it's a major effort. 

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