Must We Practice Spirituality Their Way?

I watched a video of a spiritual practitioner of a certain religion talking about 'losing our fears' and what came me was a feeling that the person was going by someone else's idea including how they dressed, how they sounded and the references to their master and their master's writings. I turned it off. Am I being judgmental of that person's decision to follow in the path of some other spiritual person? I don't believe so! The question that came to me was, "Do I have to follow the ideas and practices of other religions and spiritual traditions? Why can't I find my own from within myself? Certainly John Smith with Mormonism did, Sun Myung Moon did with the Unification Church and L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology." So, I also asked myself why do we as a human collect have to follow spirituality according to someone else's Divine guidance? Why can't I just follow my own inner wisdom and the Divine guidance within myself? I know that I have the wisdom and discernment to not follow a comet!!!!!

I am sure there are many good answers to this question. I am going to express my view of why do I have to follow someone else's spiritual trajectory and not my own. 

The reason I believe that many humans follow another people's trajectory of spiritual awareness and practices is that they don't have enough self-worth to go within themselves and be guided by Spirit within themselves. They are easily persuaded to give up their power to another who they believe has authority over them. Now, I didn't say you can't learn from those who have created major religions and spiritual disciplines. You can. I have. However, I feel like I don't want to become so indoctrinated in any religion or spiritual tradition that I am no longer thinking for myself or being myself and all I am doing is following along in a dogmatic fashion. What do I believe about spiritual practice then?

What I believe from having been on my own wisdom path is that I do listen to other ideas of other religions and spiritual practices and then use my discernment about whether I want to agree with it or not and then strike out on my own and find out what I believe, find out what I think, find out what is in my soul, listen to Spirit within myself. I have done this and I have also appreciated the thoughts of other spiritual leaders but I have not given up my spiritual sovereignty to blindly follow someone else. I don't need to become them. I can hear them and my wisdom path that comes from within myself guides me to find spirituality born of that which guides me from the All That Is and the All That Is is all around me including inside me. I am my own church, meaning that everything that comes from God, from Spirit, from Soul, comes from within me, us. In effect, I am a piece of God. I let that piece of God in me inform me. 

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