"Divine Guidance" Is A Kind Of Cosmic GPS System

On my wisdom path, I have found that the "Divine Guidance" I receive from within and without is a kind of Cosmic GPS system. What do I mean by this and why is it important to bring up?

What I mean by asserting that "Divine Guidance" is a kind of Cosmic GPS system is that whenever I have been off course in my thinking, feeling, spiritual awareness, physical awareness and status, my behavior, my inner winner or what I call "Divine Guidance" finds a way to inform me to help me onto a better path or make a course correction. It steers me straight if I am thinking or feeling incorrectly or heading down a dangerous path for myself and that's why I listen to it and let it guide me. In addition, that's why I seek out "Divine Guidance" within myself and outside myself. I know that it is a dependable Cosmic GPS system that helps me both get around and completely avoid obstacles. Notice that I have been saying that "Divine Guidance" is also "outside" myself. What do I mean by this?

When I assert that "Divine Guidance" is both inside and outside myself, I am saying that I do not have a corner on "Divine Guidance." While "Divine Guidance" comes to me in the form of intuition, it also comes in the form of other people, books, music, films, animals, weather, synchronicities. films, radio, omens and affirmations. "Divine Guidance" speaks to me within myself and also through the natural world outside myself and I have come to a place where I can hear, see, feel and therefore understand it. How does this relate to you?

How this relates to you is, as I said above, I don't own "Divine Guidance." It is here for everyone if everyone is willing to listen, to pay attention, to know they are being guided by their inner Self and their outer Self. This Cosmic GPS system is for everyone. You just have to attune yourself to be sensitive enough to perceive it. I have done this in my life and I am passing it on to you. You too can use this incredible and free Cosmic GPS system to help you better navigate through the vagaries of life. I have found it to be one of the great common sense tools around. Please remember that if you use this Cosmic GPS system and it seems to not work for you, it's not the system, it's you. The Cosmic GPS system is always working if the receiver is clear.

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