Death Is An Ally Not The "Grim Reaper"

My wisdom path has provided me with great revelations and I believe one of the most profound revelations I received was the guidance that death is an ally not the "Grim Reaper." What does this really mean and what are its implications?

What I have been guided by Spirit to understand what it really means that death is an ally and not the "Grim Reaper," is that death is really not a mind concept or construct but a way of teaching humans how to live better, more deeply. Death, if we let it, teaches us how to really see life with the perspective of really living it, really loving it and really using it to its fullest capacity. Physical mortality teaches us to really savor life, to appreciate every second of life and be in the present moment, good, bad or indifferent. It teaches that life is not for suffering but for joy. Death is humanities' greatest friend, greatest ally, greatest teacher but it is not an entity or ghost or angel. Death is a belief.

It teaches us that our physical death is not the end of the road if we don't BELIEVE it to be. This means that most people perceive death as an "end." Most people have been made to believe that their death is an end, that the lights go out, when in truth, it is the beginning of a different life...the life of continuing as an aware being called by many, the soul, that has moved from its Earthly soul path to its Spiritual Journey into infinity. In effect, there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can't die a physical death until your soul is done with its sojourn on Earth and the only reason a person dies a death where the lights go out forever is because they believe that that is what death is. See what I'm getting at?

I have been made aware that the belief that you die is false. You don't die. At your death, your soul's energy and your awareness of you continues only if you believe it does and through the belief that you continue after death, as you work on expanding your awareness YOU will know you are your SOUL, not your body. Most of humanity does not believe their awareness continues after death and therefor it does not. They die and lose their awareness.  After most people die, they go into a dormancy until their Higher Self says it's time to go back into body. How can we change our beliefs and see that there is no death?

To change these false beliefs that death is a "Grim Reaper" instead of an ally, you have to turn your brainwashing, your misguided mindset around 360 degrees. I like to call this a quantum leap or a leap of faith because humanities' belief that death is real is so ingrained in our fearful psyches, our egos that don't want to change, that it is virtually impossible to get out of this belief that death is real. You have to start with knowing that the lights DON'T go out when you die. You are energy. When the soul is done with its experience as the human YOU, it continues as YOU just not with the lesser vibrating physicality. It goes back to its higher vibrating reality with its energy self-contained.

The best ways to connect with the reality that you are a soul and NOT a body is to connect with your soul through meditation, through other spiritual practices like going into nature, working with your intuition, awakening the spiritual aspects of yourself through soul retrieval, through learning how Spirit guides and talks to you through synchronicities, seeing how the Universe is alive and goes through cycles and not death. Nothing dies, it just changes form. The body, like an ice cube, can go from solid to vapor and in that vapor there is still the potential for ice or in humans, a body.

Death is a false construct. There is no "Grim Reaper." There is only a continuum of energy that is aware of itself. That energy is you.

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