What Is The True "Missing Link"?

It is a known quantity that anthropologists have been looking for what is known as the "missing link" in human evolution. Yes, anthropologists have the bones of early hominids but they are still perplexed that they have not yet found the bones that form a connecting, evolutionary LINK  between early humans to modern Homo sapiens. I've got news for you. They never will. Why will anthropologists never find the so-called "missing link" to modern Homo sapiens?

The reason anthropologists will not find the "missing link" to modern Homo sapiens is because the "missing link" is not in the bones. Where is it then?

The "missing link" is in the awareness that Homo sapiens developed that made them different and more advanced than all the other previous hominids. What is meant by my statement that the "missing link" is not in the bones but in the awareness of modern Homo sapiens that separates them from other Homo Erectus like Neanderthal, Australopithecus, Cro-Magnon among others?

Modern Homo sapiens diverged from previous fossil hominids because they developed a more sapient nature, that is, they developed the ability to be insightful, to be wise, to have sagacity born of the development of a larger brain and part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex and more advanced DNA. This ws seeded by nature and other forces. While the biology assisted in making Homo sapiens different, it was the awareness aspect that was the true reason and the true "missing link" that caused Homo sapiens to advance beyond the other early hominids and be the HU man Beings they are today. What was this awareness?

The awareness that separated Homo sapiens from earlier hominids was an awareness of Self (the higher Self) that allowed the new humans to realize they were a piece of Soul/Spirit/God. They developed a spiritual aspect to themselves that was not imbued, not seeded in early hominids. Homo sapiens were able to know themselves as pieces of God, that is, they were a part of the Sacred, the Divine, of Great Spirit. This awareness of Self allowed modern man to realize his connection to the Cosmos and that he was an integral part of All That Is. This wisdom lead to the creation of the modern civilizations we know today with its sophisticated languages, literature, medicine, religion, politics, government, finance, arts, philosophy, architecture, music, education and more. These aspects of higher culture come from expanding awareness.

Homo sapiens are more than a collection of bones and anthropologists will not find what Homo sapiens came from and are from their bones alone. Homo sapiens as an advanced hominid can only be understood by seeing into their soul.

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