What Is A Direct, Mystical Experience?

What I came to realize after years of experience on my now wisdom path is that my own wisdom path was a direct, on-going, mystical, spiritual experience. This moved out of an intellectual or conceptual experience although it was at first. This was living a mystical experience in my life through all my senses including my psychic, intuitive senses. So, what is a direct, mystical  spiritual experience and what is living it like?

What I perceive of my direct, mystical experience is that it is a connection to Spirit that is reciprocal. The more I do spiritual practices such as meditation, going out into the silence of nature, using divinatory tools like tarot cards, studying with Shamans and Kabbalah Rabbis, I do two things. I open myself up to Spirit itself, saying I know you and Spirit comes to me where I attract more mystical aspects into my life like the presence of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Advanced extraterrestrials, Divine Guidance and expanding my awareness where I can actually see Spirit with my own eyes, hear Spirit with my own ears, etc. These are direct mystical experiences whether I hear Spirit speak to me when I see an eagle in the Sky over my head, have dreams where I am given information by Spirit, meet people who speak the words of Spirit to me, etc. The mystical, spiritual experiences I have happen on both the daily physical level and the more esoteric spiritual level of the third eye. I am guided by Spirit every day in my mundane activities or I may occasionally actually see Spirit in my surroundings in the form of orbs or White Spectral Wizards.

What is living this mystical, spiritual path like? At first, in the early years, it was hard to believe what I was seeing, experiencing. It frightened me at times. I wasn't sure what was happening. I saw all kinds of presences around me, in all kinds of shapes and forms. I was finally able to come to terms with this mystical path when I realized that I was always coming from Love and knew nothing was looking to harm me. I knew that I wasn't mentally disturbed or dabbling in anything potentially negative or evil because I corroborated my mystical, spiritual experiences with loving, spiritual people and Divine Guidance that I trusted and knew would not steer me wrong. I also knew that I was not a negative person and was not coming from fear, so I was not attracting negative energies or spirits. I found that, after a while, I enjoyed these mystical, spiritual experiences that I was once afraid of. The beings, information and guidance I received was always loving and beneficial. It never asked me to harm myself or anyone else. I now allow myself to be guided by Spirit and it helps me in my everyday life from telling me how to live better and how to serve others better. 

I have to say that I am surprised that I am on this mystical, spiritual path in my life. I would never have guessed that this path would present itself to me and that I would willingly travel down this path. I am happy I did and I realize now that I was always attracted to the mystical path when I would have inexplicable experiences beginning in early childhood.

I tell you about my mystical experiences because I hope they may show you a way to a living connection with Spirit. My hope is that my experience can help you see that a direct, mystical, spiritual experience is not evil, bad, spooky, scary, blasphemous or negative when you are coming from Love and have a genuine desire to connect more deeply with Spirit. I have found Spirit to be Love and loving.

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