There Is No "Physical;" There Is Only "Spiritual."

I thought that I was Spirit having a physical experience and I was recently corrected by my own wisdom path. What Divine Guidance revealed to me is that I am not physical at all, I just believe I am. What does that mean and what am I, really?

What it means that I am not physical at all, I just believe I am is that the illusion of the energy of highly compacted light creating the form of a physical body is such a strong focus, that I really think I am a physical body when I am not. What am I then?

What I was shown is that I am really a form of Spirit. I am Spirit that is on a spectrum and I as a human am on the lower end of this spectrum of Spirit as a very slowed down state of itself that it feels like I am solid. I am not solid, I am still Spirit having a Spiritual experience albeit a slowed down version of Spirit. What are the implications of this?

The implications that I am not really physical and am slowed down Spirit is that everything is slowed down Spirit. This means that other people in my life, my opportunities, circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, desires, dreams, goals, experiences are all spiritual, are all engendered by Spirit but for what purpose?

Spirit's purpose for slowing itself down to provide itself the illusion (not illusion in a bad way) of being a solid, human form is to explore itself in an actionable matrix that it may expand its awareness of itself to greater levels. This has revelatory implications in that everything we humans encounter in our lives is our Spirit creating opportunities to learn about ourselves and when seen and perceived this way, we understand the true nature of who we are, why we came here and what existence is all about. We no longer see everything as black and white, good and bad, negative and positive. We see everything as learning. evolving, growing and expanding our awareness to grow our souls on what is really a soul path and not a physical path. The physical is just an avatar, a form created by spirit that can be actionable in the Earth matrix. Actionable meaning having experiences through the five senses, through the ego, id, superego, psyche and persona. There is nothing physical about the physical. The physical is really spiritual. 

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