What Can Make The Spiritual Path A Slippery Slope?

In my travels on the spiritual path which I fondly call my own wisdom path, the path of unconditional Love, the path of healing, I have encountered what I call many spiritual "traps" that have and still can derail me from the pure intent I find and exhibit on my own spiritual path. As I looked deeper into what the one prevailing aspect was that caused these spiritual "traps" where I found myself blocked by limiting beliefs that were a form of misunderstanding and misguidance of the meaning and intent of the spiritual aspect, law or practice. I was quite amazed at the answer: It was my own psyche. What does this mean and why is the psyche important to look at as a part of our spiritual freedom, liberation?

What it means when our psyche creates limiting beliefs when we are on the spiritual path and causes spiritual "traps" is that we are falling prey to the linear, rational, empirical, clinical aspects of our mind's bent on holding on to our fear of the unknown, the mystical, the mysterious, of that which cannot be rationally understood and we create spiritual blocks through our psyche that inhibit our true spiritual progress, a form of the psyche's defense mechanisms. 

A good example of a spiritual "trap" that most people are trapped in is their belief that "karma is a bitch." That statement is a fundamental misunderstanding of karma which believes that karma is a punishment and not what it really is: a tool for our learning. When we say, "karma is a bitch," we are basically trapped showing revenge for the person who committed an act for which they are now being shown by karma what it feels like to treat someone a certain way. Getting back your karma is to learn to do (there is also good karma) or not to do a certain thing that you will reap what you sow. It is not a thing used to get even. In feeling that it is a way to get even with someone, we fall into a spiritual "traps" of the psyche that does not allow us to learn from our detrimental behaviors. and to see how our good behaviors have benefitted us. The psyche's penchant is to go into an endless loop of suffering. When someone receives their negative karma back on themselves, that is a time to learn or to help them learn, not a time to celebrate their victimhood or difficulty.

It is important to look at our psyches as part of our spiritual growth and learn how to avoid spiritual "traps" because there are many spiritual "traps" and understanding the voice of our own psyches can help us see when we are exhibiting limiting or misguided beliefs that hold us back from our soul's ultimate freedom and liberation which means parenting our psyches when we need to. We parent our psyches when we see ourselves over-thinking. obsessing over thoughts, slights, beliefs and emotions and letting ourselves fear growing out of our dependence on only a tiny sliver of who we are. We are not our psyches. We are our souls, Spirit, Divine Energy that is embodied as us. We can use the voice of our soul to guide us around spiritual "traps."

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