It's Not How Long You Take To Gain An Awareness Of A Thing

From one who has deep experience on his own wisdom path, a path of deeper spiritual connection, I can assert that there are many spiritual "traps" along the way that will cause a distortion of the truth of what gaining greater spiritual awareness means. These "traps" are engendered by the challenges of the lower awareness ego. One of the most egregious of these spiritual "traps" that keeps one mired in a profound misguided notion of "getting there" is the concept of the time it takes one to become aware of a spiritual reality, aspect, enlightenment or awareness. Why is this concept of the time it takes one to become enlightened a deep spiritual "trap"?

The concept of how much time it takes one to become enlightened or to live a spiritual truth is, in the perspective of Spirit, non-existent because Spirit does not know time and is non-linear. To say to yourself or anyone else, "Well, it took you long enough to come to this realization" is just the ego talking and Spirit doesn't care how long you took to become enlightened or how long it took you to learn how to be kind. Spirit is ONLY interested in whether you became enlightened or NOT and not the amount of time you took to get there. Spirit doesn't compare you to others and it is not a competition to see who becomes enlightened first. Comparison and competition are the domains of the ego, the sense of self that gets off on  being better or getting ahead of someone. See what I mean?

Please be aware that being on one's own wisdom path is not a race and is not time sensitive. Spirit is in the long game of Cosmic time which is no time, which is eternal and infinite. Getting to an awareness of something and being and living it is up to the person and Spirit gives you all the time in the world because it knows that all beings with soul are on a soul path and a spiritual journey and will achieve enlightenment one way or another. There really is no lower or higher or better or worse or greater or lesser in the realm of Spirit. In Spirit, there is only hierarchy which is the level of spiritual awareness. All sentient beings are at levels of awareness and each being has its own free will in deciding how much time it takes them to arrive at a spiritual level. Each of us says to ourselves, "I am ready for this or not." Time has nothing to do with it. So, if you encounter your ego disparaging you for not being at a certain place along the wisdom path, talk to it and tell it that it's all OK and if you have a spiritual friend or guide who tells you it took you long enough or you're taking too much time to get there, tell them there's no such thing because that's just their  ego talking. Explain to them that Spirit speaks in a different language that is timeless and non-linear.

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