Only A Small Fraction Of Your Soul Is Here on Earth

THE biggest teaching I received from my own wisdom path is that there is much more to creation, much more to our planet Earth, including much more to us humans, that we don't allow ourselves to perceive. One of these perceptions is the aspect of our human complex called the SOUL. Most people don't believe in their Soul or don't even know what it is. Today, I would like to share with you one of the biggest mysteries of your human soul whether you believe your soul exists or not. Why I am revealing this?

I am revealing this information about our human soul because I know that it will give you a greater perspective about what humans really are and it will help guide you to a much better understanding of life and how to live it.

The greater truth of the human is that humans have souls and only a small percentage of our human soul is with us in our human form while we live as a three dimensional construct on Earth. The rest of our soul is in a higher dimension (you can call it the before and afterlife if you like) guiding our human form (persona, psyche, ego) during our life. 

It is important to understand that our souls are vibrating at a higher frequency of energy than our bodies and if our souls were to project 100% of its energy into our bodies, it would fry the electrochemical circuits of the brain. The brain would also be totally subjugated to the power of the soul, and this would eliminate the 'veiling' (a necessary aspect of our evolution). Without what is called"spiritual amnesia," we humans would not have the potential to grow our soul's awareness through our Earthly experiences; we would come into our physical incarnation on Earth already knowing everything. 

So, the truth is that your soul never incarnates completely. While you are in your body, thinking that you are only this physical human with no soul, you, the soul part, also exists in higher dimensions. Humans have differing degrees of their soul with them on Earth. meaning some humans have only 4% of their soul here while others have 18% and Avatars like Sai Baba have 45 to 50%. It depends on what you came to Earth for.

I am here to tell you, to advise you from my own years of communing with my own and other's souls that reaching beyond the physical self is what the spiritual potential is about. The spiritual enlightenment is about contacting that part of your soul that is with you here on Earth as well as that part of your soul that is now residing in the afterlife. This is critical to know because your soul is really who you are and is the animator of all you do on Earth. Your soul drives the bus. Understanding this awareness more deeply gives you a greater perspective and appreciation for the vagaries of life on Earth as in why do certain things happen. Our human souls have answers.

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