What Are The Soul Path And The Soul Practice?

I have come to perceive, understand and accept, through years of direct experience, that Earth is a place for my Soul Path AND my Soul Practice. What am I talking about and why is this an important perception for you?

What I am talking about is that I have perceived that my Soul is on this sphere called Earth walking a metaphorical path that is made of its own perception to help expand its awareness of what is. My soul walks a path called the Beauty Way in perceiving and believing that all the experiences I encounter, good, bad or indifferent are there to expand my understanding of self/Self. My soul practice is to bring my expanded awareness of the Beauty Way to my life as a persona/psyche/ego that I may not only see the beauty in myself and others but to bring it about in my activities in my living. 

Why this understanding, being and practice of one’s Soul Path is so critical is because when you perceive this life-on-Earth experience of Soul Path as the Beauty Way, your Soul practice as the Beauty Way, you are given a gentler and kinder experience that matches your resonance of, your attunement to, your alignment with the perception of this Earth experience as the Beauty way. How this manifests in your reality as a human being is to have a more happy, abundant, radiant, compassionate, kinder, more tolerant and blessed experience in and with your human body. Everyone wants this experience. Reach for it.

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