The Only Judge Who Judges YOU Is YOU, Human

We humans have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to agree (believe) that we are judged in some place by some higher being after our earthly duration or by a society that created a polarity called the morality of good versus bad. Neither of these conditioning are true. What is true and why?

I have found that what is true about judging, judgement and judgementalness is that WE humans alone judge ourselves and others. There is no God judging us and societal norms have been created without the awareness of the inherent code of ethics endowed in most humans. What does this mean?

What this means is that we humans are judgemental until we expand our awareness to see that all humans are in the process of becoming better, are growing and all humans are exactly where they need to be, who they need to be and their current awareness level. Seen from the perch of a more expanded awareness and higher consciousness, each human chose to be who and what they are in order to experience certain lessons to assist their souls in expanding its awareness. Also in each human is an innate awareness of right and wrong in what is called a code of ethics. We humans know what’s right and what’s wrong and society’s morality norms are in place to simply fortify what is already known. Teaching humans to be non-judgemental and good comes from reminding them what they already know. So when humans are judgemental and immoral, they choose to be so of their own volition as well as choosing to agree that they will suffer for these things in the afterlife or suffer the penalties inflicted by society for their wrongs. 

There is nothing and no one else judging us for our judgementalness or our immorality but us. We judge, not God.

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