Seeing A Reality Through The Perception Of Your Soul

If your perceptions are leaving out the perceptions of your soul right now, what is the perception of a reality through your soul and not through your mind, body or emotions and why does this even matter?

We humans, I have found from my human experience on a wisdom path of Divine Guidance, perceive a reality through how our minds, bodies and emotions perceive reality. These aspects of ourselves and others are imperfect perceptions and pick up only a very minute glimpse of what I call the truer nature of existence which is the perception and state of being of unconditional Love which is the perception of soul. Being in a human body is more than thoughts, feelings and eating, I have found and contains the energies of Divine Guidance as the energy of our soul. When we connect with our soul we began perceiving unlimited potential rather than the very limited perceptions of body, mind and emotions. 

Please understand that perceiving through one’s mind, emotions and body are part of being human and I am emphasizing that there is another component of our human complex that goes beyond a limited perception to a perception of unconditional Love, tolerance, acceptance, peace, compassion, kindness and wisdom. In these perceptions, one’s human experience is of greater abundance, happiness and joy rather than negativity, suffering, pain, unhappiness, jealousy, envy, anger and hate. 

Connecting to one’s soul and perceiving through it is the most nourishing act you can do for your human being. When you see others, circumstances, opportunities and goals as soul manifestation, you move to a more expanded reality where anything is truly possible.

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