I’m Not Who I Thought I Was

 I am not who I thought I was. Who did I think I was and who did I find out I am? Beginning in early childhood, I had many so-called mystical experiences from seeing auras to out of body experiences. Since I lived with parents and a society that was unaware of these types of things, I kept them to myself until my early adulthood when I began to explore the mystical realms. Until that time, I thought I was ONLY my persona, my personality, mu psyche and my ego. I did not realize there was much, much more to my BEINGNESS than what I was conditioned to believe. So, what happened to show me who I really am?

It was a gradual process that started in my early twenties when I began to explore other religions, mystical branches of religions, mystical spiritual paths, yoga, meditation, eating a macrobiotic diet and reading many spiritual books from the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the many books on Kabbalah. Through all of this activity and practice, I was unwittingly expanding my awareness and raising my consciousness. This behavior continued for many years until I recognized and accepted that who I really am is a soul/spirit having a physical/Earth experience. I saw that I was not my thoughts, my beliefs, my body, my emotions or my feelings. I was a Light Being of immense proportions who was unlimited and Infinite. Why do I tell you this?

I share this with you because you too are more than a personality and body. You too contain a soul whether you believe it or not and it is your soul that is having this experience called human. Your soul is driving the bus. You as a persona/psyche/ego are just along for the ride. While your Earthly identity is very important to your experience here, it is only a minuscule part of who you are. To have the full Earth experience, you must connect with your soul and identify with it and not identify with your career, job, money, possessions, family, friends as the only aspect of who and what you are.

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