Your Physical Body, Mind And Emotions Are The Vessels Of Your Soul

The more I travel on my wisdom path, the more I am guided to realize and see that what this human life experience is all about is being a vessel for my soul. I have discovered that my physical body, mind and emotions are the actual vessels of my soul that is on Earth for the specific purpose of expanding its awareness through a third dimensional experience. What does this signify for us as humans?

What being a vessel for our soul on Earth means is that this entire human experience is a spiritual experience in that our soul is driving this human body, mind and emotion, the soul is driving this bus. We humans are the hardware and our soul is the software and we have built in platforms for our soul to express itself., for our soul to communicate with and through us. A great example of seeing the soul in action is through creative expression. When you see a dance concert, a theatre production, an opera, a music concert, a singer, a painting, a photograph, you are experiencing and seeing the soul's expression through the body, mind and emotions of the artists and at the same time, these expressions of the soul communicate with you, the audience seeing, hearing and feeling the artistic expression. We humans are a soul collective that is existing here on Earth to expand its awareness of being and expanding itself in ever more growing consciousness for the sake of self-realization.

Life"s singular purpose, I have found by being on my own wisdom path, is to realize SELF. The Higher Self. To know that we are soul having a human experience is the quintessential reason for being here, being in body, having a mind, having emotions. Everything else is about the hardware of persona/psyche/ego or what is known or called the lower self. What is the idea here then?

The idea here is to go inward and get to know the voice of your soul. It differs from the ego in that it is the voice of Love, compassion, peace, kindness, strength, wisdom, tolerance and limitlessness. It is the field of all possibilities which each human has built into them and this gives our human life meaning. Go inside through contemplation to find your own meaning for being human. It is always positive, not harmful. If you think harmful thoughts, that is the delusion of the ego.


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