YOU Are The Puppet Master

YOU, Human, are your own “puppet master” and hold all the strings of the puppet in your hands. Why are you always giving your puppet strings away to another human or idea? What am I talking about here and why is this critical for YOU?

When I assert that each human is a “puppet master,” I am saying that nothing happens to you or for you, things happen through you and you are the central figure in making those things happen whether you believe it or not. What giving your puppet strings away to another person, feeling, thought, situation, ideaology or occupation symbolizes, is that you are giving away your power to manifest, to make things happen, to use your ability to intend things into reality…the things that are within you and belong to no one else. YOU hold the cards of responsibility for your actions, not another person, a God, a situation…YOU!

How can we practice NOT giving away our puppet strings, our power to another? The first and most primary way of learning how not to give away your power is to not OWN another’s thoughts, feelings, mistakes, problem and beliefs. Don’t allow your sacred mental real estate of peace to be contaminated by others’ delusions, illusions, lack of mind control, lack of life mastery to put you off balance. Master your own thoughts by not owning what is outside of you in the form of other people, situations, circumstances, ideologies, jobs, family, friends, etc. 

Why this is important to and for you to grasp and practice is because giving away your power leaves you helpless, disempowered, out of control, depressed, without self-worth. You are the master of your destiny, not someone or something else. You have FREE WILL and it is a sacred covenant to use this will to maintain your individual sovereignty and not allow another to be YOUR puppet master. That giving of your power over to someone or something else is a recipe for disaster. 

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