You Are Being Asked To Walk Through A Portal Of Truth Now

Our collective human tribe has been asked by its higher aspect to walk through a portal of truth. What am I seeing here and what does it mean to you? 

What it means that the entire human collective on Earth is being asked by its Higher Self to walk through a portal of truth means that our Higher Nature, our Higher Consciousness has agreed that it is time to foment, to accept and to be the truth of who and what we are in every moment. The truth we are being asked to see is the truth of our Earthly culture and society and the truth of how our shadow aspects are limiting our collective move toward love, peace, compassion, tolerance, kindness and joy. What do I mean by our Earthly culture and society's shadow aspects are limiting our collective, positive growth?

What I mean by the above realization is that our human shadow side’s  penchant for authoritarianism, War, intolerance, greed, hate, divisiveness, prejudice, killing, non-critical thinking are limiting our movement through the portal of truth to the reality of an Earth where there are no limitations and where we can speak our truth without being harmed, without harming others, without harming ourselves by allowing others to keep us in shadow. 

Why this is important to you is because it is you and only you who can bring us out of the shadow of humanities’ bellicosity, barbarism, greed, ignorance and stupidity by being open minded to the truth of the shadow nature of our civilization and making moves to move out of the shadow into the light of the truths listed above. If you remain stagnant in the shadow, you will perish…become extinct.


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