What Is The Wisdom Path?

I asked myself, “What is the wisdom path, really?” The answer that I see is that the wisdom path is both a way of perceiving AND an actionable way of behaving. What do I mean by this?

I see the wisdom path as a metaphorical path on which a person walks a perceptual level of seeing reality as a direct mystical awareness as in the awareness of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Creator-Source. At the same time we are walking the wisdom path perceptually, we are taking physical actions on these perceptions. For example, the wisdom path is a path of heart, of the soul and I have found the soul’s message on the wisdom path to be that IT is my true essence, not my persona, psyche or ego. My soul continues to tell me that IT is my Divine Guidance and when I listen to it, it will direct me in only the best ways for myself. As a result of knowing my soul is Divine Guidance, I take the positive, non-harmful actions IT encourages me to take AND I take action on it. 

This is the connection that I have with my soul as taught me by being on the wisdom path and why I am so passionate about being on my own wisdom path and why I share what I learn on the wisdom path. All you have to do is read my blogs and listen to my podcasts to see that I write about deeper, direct mystical experiences and knowledge and not about dogma. 

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