We humans On Earth Are Living In An Intelligent, Responsive Playground

From my connection with Divine Guidance, I have been guided to understand that this Earth reality is a “playground,” in a sense, where we humans incarnate into an alive, intelligent, responsive, creative matrix/program in order to be divinely guided by all that is in this playground including ourselves and others. How do I know this and what does it mean for you?

I know that this matrix we humans are in is alive, intelligent, responsive and creative because from my years being on the wisdom path, I have learned to consciously watch, listen, witness, perceive, interact with and decode what this Earth reality is telling me, is guiding me to and away from. I have discovered that the so-called Universe talks to us humans if we care to listen. How does the Universe talk to us humans?

In addition to psychic phenomena including human intuition, the Universe talks to us through other people, animals, plants, weather patterns and anomalies, books, spirits, license plates, dreams, TV shows, movies, psychotropic plants, food, extraterrestrials and our own bodies. I found that when I am receptive and perceptive enough to understand the messages the Universe is sending me, I can decipher what it is telling me. One example is that I have seen animals out of the blue, repetitively and I began to realize there was a message for me in seeing them.I remember many times seeing hawks suddenly appear close to me and I realized the hawk itself is the symbol of a messenger and that meant I was going to be given an important message and to look for it. Invariably, an important message came to me, sometimes in a dream, sometimes in what another person said to me. I had to keep my eyes open and be perceptive of my surroundings so as not to miss the message. 

I just watched a TV series where the main characters went to Mongolia to save a sick horse. In Mongolia, they meet a Mongolian Shaman who tells one of the main characters who has just had an MRI of his brain and found to have a shadow there, that he is surrounded by shadow and he needs to let the light in, to find balance. The man character sees a hawk on a branch suddenly and the Shaman tells him it is the National bird of Mongolia. The Shaman then gives the main character an amulet with a picture of the yin/yang symbol on one side and the hawk on the other. This completely changes the attitude of the main character to help him heal. This is just one, small example of how this matrix speaks to us to guide us in positive ways.

This is important for you because, you too are here in this playground, you too can take full advantage of the Divine Guidance that is our Earthly reality to help you to find your purpose, to heal, to find peace, to find a job, to get money, to attract a great partner, etc. All you have to do is be open, to accept this as real and to sharpen your perceptions. You will be amazed at the things Divine Guidance tells you. Just remember that true Divine Guidance will never tell you to harm yourself or another. That type of guidance Is from the ego.

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