Something Beyond The Physical Begins With A Feeling

Our human sensory ability to touch and experience our physical environment is the beginning of connecting with Spirit. Why is that?

The reason touch is the beginning of connecting with Spirit, with something beyond is because touch engenders a feeling in humans and feelings are messages from the Soul, from beyond the physical world we live in. We can't see feelings. They are invisible just like our Souls are. In truth, our physical world itself is a reflection of our feelings that come from our Soul. We humans are really having a soulful experience when we think it's only physical. 

A good example of something beyond the physical beginning with a feeling is when we humans have intuition based on our interaction with our physical universe. It could be a hug from another person, immersing yourself in a hot tub or cold shower, shaking someone's hand, stroking the fur of your cat, holding a crystal or rock, etc. These tactile experiences are interpreted by our brain and our soul picks up on this interpretation and let's us know HOW it feels about the experience. For this reason, feelings are extremely important to recognize and interpret consciously so that we know exactly how we feel. One of the best ways to deepen your tactile experience when you feel is to give the feeling a name. I don't mean just saying it feels "nice." I am talking about specific names for the feelings that go deeper than just "nice." For example, perhaps start with how you feel when shaking someone's hand. Does the handshake feel confident, weak, strong, moist, insecure, nervous, insincere, etc. Go deeper. Think of the texture of the feeling of the person's skin and the way your hand was shook. How was it held and shaken? Was their hand on top of yours? We’re they trying to dominate you?

Think of new words for the feeling. Roll the feeling around in your minds tactile interpretation and see what you come up with. Did the handshake make you like the person? Did you feel put off? Was the hand smooth and soft or rough and scratchy? Pay attention to your feelings. Don't just unconsciously shake someone's hand in a mindless fashion. Shake their hand with intention and see what you feel about it. 

There are many other examples of how the physical takes us to the beyond including certain aromas, colors, tastes, visuals, hearing, temperatures, environments, buildings, animals, children, furniture, etc. 

When you fully acknowledge the feelings of your soul through your tactile, sensory experiences, you will realize that you ARE Spirit having a physical experience, that YOU are INSIDE SOUL and not your Soul inside you. Feelings are how you experience your physical reality as interpreted by your Soul.

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