You Do Not Die. You Just Come And Go.

The wisdom path, I found, is a path of living with Divine Guidance. I find that I am always guided. I listen. I take direction. It works to improve my human life in a myriad of ways with malice toward none. 

Divine Guidance also revealed to me that there is no death as is commonly believed by most humans. If humans don’t die, than what is the thing that happens when a human body is clinically dead or no more?

What Divine Guidance showed me about death is that there is no ending in who we are at our essence. We come and we go. We come into physical form and we leave it. The body is an avatar of persona/psyche/ego that is slowed down Spirit that incarnated in a third dimensional, physical reality. However, the physical body isn’t the essential YOU. The essential YOU that comes and goes is your soul. What physical stuff humans are made of is all Spirit that slows its vibrational frequency down enough to be perceived as physical so that it can navigate, live in a physical software called a planet, in this case Earth. The hardware is the body and the software is the soul. Without the software the body doesn’t run. 

It isn’t about your current body, it’s about all your bodies you have been and will be. It is body. The body is a design created by Spirit just like Apple has created the design of the MacBook Pro. Without the software, the MacBook Pro doesn’t operate. 

When a human “dies,” their soul, which is eternal, continues to exist, contrary to unaware popular opinion. Energy is neither created or destroyed, it just changes form. When a human dies, you become your Light Body which is your soul body but body nonetheless.

There is no death as  humans believe. There is just coming and going.


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