Why You Don’t Get What You Want And Need

Not getting what you want is a bummer! We have all experienced this and are often mystified why, when we have done everything we can (we believe) we still don’t get what we want. Why does this happen and how can we achieve better odds in getting what we want?

On my wisdom path, I discovered the reason I wasn’t getting the things I wanted and it was not for lack of trying. The reason why getting what I wanted was a mixed bag of results was because my thinking wasn’t clear and as a matter of fact, I was very often confused. What this resulted in was sending mixed signals to the Universe and the Universe answered by giving me back mixed results or no results at all. 

How does this work? How this works is that our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts are vibrational frequencies that attract like realities. A simple example is that if you think about wanting to by a home but never save or do what’s needed to buy a home, a home will not manifest in your reality because you are sending mixed signals to the Universe. When you think about achieving any goal, your thoughts and actions have to be clear. You can’t be thinking about wanting a thing and then, at the same time, doubt you can have it or do nothing about it. That’s a mixed signal. 

You have to be crystal clear with the Universe, remembering that you are a part of the Universe and that it’s a two way communication. When your thoughts are clear, you get a clear response from the Universe. Also be aware that the Universe doesn’t understand “no.” What I have seen of the Universe’s behavior is that it operates by saying either yes to what you want and it’s materialized or it says not yes and you don’t get the thing you want. Sometimes the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, gives you what you need and not what you want.


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