We Are Human, We Get Riled Up. Answer: It’s OK. Just Don’t Make A Habit Of It.

Humans are mind and emotion. Those aspects of ourselves can be riled up by other people, circumstances, mistakes, misfortune, misguidance, hesitation, doubt and fear, The prevailing attitude toward our human frailty to so easily have our buttons pushed and fall into a riled up state, I have found is to allow it to become a habit as if we humans need to go to this place to always solve our problems. I see a way out of this cyclical maelstrom. What is it?

Mind and emotion mastery, mind control is the key to getting out of being the victim of circumstance, I discovered. That being said, it’s not easy. Humans are creatures of habit and we immediately revert to defensive postures when being threatened. I have found that seeing emotions as teachers that want us to take a positive action in order to learn and then release the very reason we have an emotional response is a key habit to develop in order to overcome being the butt of emotional torment. For example, if a friend shames us in front of others, it is best to immediately ask that friend in front of others why they are doing this. Don’t allow it to escalate into violence or harm. Simply stand up for yourself, release the angst and move on. That’s being assertive, not aggressive. Be smart in your approach. 

Again, use common sense depending on the situation. We want to develop a healthy sense of advocacy for ourselves and not hold onto the hurts and slights at the hands of other people. Emotions are action requiring programs and need to be dealt with. 

The habit to develop is to not make a habit of getting riled up when dealing with difficult people. The habit to develop is to handle it and move on from it.

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