There Is No Time To NOT Know What You Have

 I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we all as humans keep doing it. What is this “it” we keep doing?

The “it” we keep doing is taking people and the things we have for granted. We don’t really appreciate them and here’s a secret: we really don’t have the time in life to NOT know what we have. Why is that?

The reason we don’t have time in life to NOT know what we have is because each minute you spend in ungrateful, unappreciative living and taking people and things that you have in your life for granted, is a minute wasted, is a minute of dissatisfaction, a minute of believing that the grass is greener with someone or something else. 

Please understand that sometimes in life we make mistakes and when we stay in appreciation we can see these mistakes as opportunities to learn from even though we may have to move on from certain people and things. 

I see staying in appreciation as making the best of life and I have found that when you appreciate what arrives in your life, good, bad or indifferent, they all have a teaching in them that makes you feel like you are living life well. This is, again, not to say that you stay in bad relationships but you change your perspective from suffering to joy knowing that you’re never wasting your time. You are expanding your awareness through your life lessons and that’s why you are having a human experience. There is never a time you feel like you do NOT know what you have!

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