There Are No Justified Resentments

 Resentments kill...YOU and you spend much time justifying your resentments. I have learned from life experience that there are no justified resentments. Why is that? 

The reason there are no justified resentments is that life is essentially a mirror for you and reflects back what YOU put out in the world. People you meet reflect back to you what you’re putting out there and it reveals who YOU are, not who they are. Understanding who you are through others is the real opportunity in relationships and resenting others for showing you who you are is the height of ego drama, the height of insecurity. How do you manage to learn from others about yourself and not be resentful if they show you something about yourself you don’t like?

I found how to do this and it is simply being open to being better. It is a shift in your perspective that says to yourself, “I want to be less insecure, more mature, more stable, more open-minded and more grounded. I experience too much resentment in seeing who I really am and I don’t want to live resentfully. I want to to grow as a human being and learn more about myself so I can attract better people and be happier.” I know it’s easy for me to write these words now and I had to come through all of this and it wasn’t always easy. It was hard to see my faults at times and I was open enough to engage with my self-awareness, my self-analysis to work on this. 

All I can say is that it’s a great path to walk on being free of resentments because in the end, they simply aren’t justified as living itself is a process of learning. Maybe your resentment is that you just don’t want to learn? Answer that question and be true to yourself. It starts the process of being better.


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