The True Sword of Power is the Christ Consciousness.

The symbol of the sword is a powerful one. It is an instrument that wields power and in this case, not the power to harm but the power to Love, be wise and be healed. This power I call the Christ Consciousness and I am not talking about Jesus Christ or religion. I am talking about the Christ Consciousness imbued in each human and everything around each human and that each human can wield as a powerful metaphorical sword. What do I mean by Christ Consciousness and how can you wield it as a powerful sword?

The wisdom path brought me to see, to become aware of this sword of power called the Christ Consciousness and it asked me to pick this sword up. It revealed to me that the Christ Consciousness is the seed of the Creator that is already in me. It’s an energy that is in me and in everything. This seed germinates and grows within me as I become more aware, more willing, more allowing and more accepting of the reality that I am growing the Christ Consciousness within me to eventually be it, that is, to wield its power as a Spirit/God/the Creator having a human experience. What happens when I wield this sword of power? 

When I wield the sword of power of Christ Consciousness I enter into co-creation with the Creator meaning I can manifest, be abundant, give and have Love, show compassion, be kind, be peace in every moment, over come my fears, be mindful, be conscious, live happily and so much more. I am doing this in my life now more and more and I write this to encourage you to look within yourself and pick up that sword of power and allow your Christ Consciousness. 


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