The Foundation Of Life That Won’t Crumble

After listening to a young lady on Facebook talk about how she realized that the foundation she had built her life on was a shaky foundation, I was inspired to look at the foundation that I had built my life on. 

She impressed me because she was self-aware enough to know that she had built her life’s foundation on the shaky ground of insecurities and based on this, saw her foundation crumble in her relationships. She decided to step on higher, sturdier ground. 

What are shaky foundations that most of us build our lives upon? What are solid foundations and why is this important to you?

In looking how I changed the foundations of my life, I realized that I had built the initial ones on the shaky foundation of ego. What does that mean? It means that I had built my foundation of my life on competing, comparing, judging, approving, hidden agendas, being better than and keeping up with the Joneses. Why this was shaky ground is because when the storm clouds rolled in, when the winds of drama came in, my relationships would be in trouble because there was nothing there of substance, no solidity to rely on. I would fall into doubt, insecurity, lack of self-worth, lack of self-Love, lack of self-esteem. Through trials and tribulations and great people along the way, I changed my perspective to building my foundation of life on more solid ground. What was this more solid ground I discovered?

I discovered, and this is what is important to you, that building a foundation of life on Love for myself, seeing Love in others, inner peace, kindness, tolerance, compassion, understanding, a sense of great self-worth, soulfulness and kindness were unshakable foundations that could not be rocked when the difficulties in my relationships arose and they will arise as life has ups and downs. This sturdier perspective helped me weather the storms, the vagaries, the vicissitudes that occur in relationships. 

Take a look at the foundations that you are building your life upon. Are they shaky or rock solid? Will they easily crumble or stand the test of time?


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