The Dimensional Shift To The Place Of Heart

 Munay-Ki, from the Peruvian, means the energy of abundant Love and not just romantic Love. Munay-Ki is the abundant Love found in unconditional Love where there are no grievances. You can say it is the energy of abundant Love. Why am I talking about this now?

I am presenting Minay-Ki now because there has been what I call a dimensional shift on Earth from conditional love to unconditional Love. We, as collective humanity, have agreed to a dimensional shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. In this current fifth dimension we are now in, it is an experience that is heartfelt, that is all heart, that requires a leap of faith by the human collective to release hate, prejudice, intolerance, envy, jealousy and suffering and to be unconditional Love.

The vibration and thus dimension of Munay-Ki means being Love in every moment and it is not a weak, wishy washy state of being. It is the most powerful state you can be in. It is the state of Divine Grace in flesh. To be in this state is to be aligned with abundance, peace, kindness, compassion, passion, health and long life. 

Earth is moving more and more into the fifth dimension and those in the human collective who refuse to move into this dimension will find it very difficult to remain on Earth because their ways will no longer be in alignment with what’s here. They will be frustrated, resentful, irritated, demented and horrified that war, killing, anger and hate are no longer tolerated. This will not be a place of over political correctness, a place of ultra liberalism or radical progressiveness. It will be a place of abundant love that will be accepting of the entire tribe of man. We are now in the fifth dimension and I suggest you get with the program.


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