The Difficulties With Being Between I AM And I AM Not

We have all been between I AM and I AM not, I have found and when we are between I AM and I AM not, that’s when our lives feel dark, confusing, weird and empty. What does that mean? Why is it important to you?

What it means to be between I AM and I AM not is to be in a state of confusion as to who and what you are, to be lacking in self-worth, to not believe in yourself and your inherent abilities to create your life without difficulties. The wisdom path taught me that the bottom line is we are all capable of manifesting, we are all inherently capable to create and have the lives of our dreams and to think and believe otherwise is delusional. Why is it delusional?

It’s delusional to live between I AM and I AM not because you are ALWAYS who and what you are with a mind, heart, body and soul capable of great things, capable of whatever you want to achieve. 

Why this is important to you is because there is no need to live in confusion as to who and what you are: a human being who has the energy of Creation in them and who can use this energy with intent to be constructive and  unfortunately in some cases, destructive. To think and believe less of yourself is a misguided notion and the way to get out of a state of confusion is to understand whether lethargy, indolence or laziness are holding you back. 

Look, it’s not easy for us humans to accept responsibility for our actions but we must if we want to get out of the confused and in between state that is I AM and I AM not.

I went through this confused state in my life and I got out of it by realizing that I am more. I do have the drive, determination and will to achieve better and more in my life and by thinking this way, I did. So can you. 

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