People Just Want To Have Fun?

I am all good with the fact that people just want to have fun and this applies to all aspects of living, of life. It’s necessary and healthy to enjoy, be carefree, go with the flow and be spontaneous! While I have had and still have fun in my life, I have learned that when it comes to relationships with people, fun isn’t all there is and promiscuity isn’t all there is. Promiscuity and fun leaves one lacking. What am I talking about here?

What I am talking about here is balancing and ultimately realizing that fun and promiscuity in relationships eventually leave people feeling empty and unsatisfied and having deeper connections with people leaves one more fulfilled and satisfied but why?

Why it is not satisfying in the end to always be having fun and being promiscuous in relationships is because that is the domain of the ego where everything is persona/psyche and sensual and the persona/psyche/ego is a hungry ghost that wants more and more and is never satisfied. The ego is self-aggrandizing, wanting more and more and more, where it’s eyes are bigger than its stomach. You can stay on a surface level with people and have fun and from my experience, it will never reward you with the deeper connections of the human heart which is what everyone seeks, wants, craves. Where does this craving come from? 

This craving comes from the soul that wants to have Love, unconditional Love. It wants deeper connections that help it to expand its awareness. Relationships are a reflection of who we are and where we’re at. They are a mirror for us and of us. While you don’t always have to hold up the mirror to your face, it’s important at times to pick up the mirror and see who you are. Stay in balance. 


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