I Am Spirit

By staying consciously on the mystical wisdom path for over 20 years, I have come to acknowledge that people love, crave and want a direct mystical and spiritual experience. I must also say that even though this is real, it eludes many. Why does a direct mystical spiritual experience elude many?

From my vantage point of my own wisdom path, I discovered that a direct mystical spiritual experience eludes many because many believe Spirit is “out there” somewhere and where that is they don’t know. My experience is that there is no spirit “out there.” Why is there no Spirit “out there”? There is no Spirit “out there” because Spirit is within, it is me, I am Spirit. What do I mean, I am Spirit?

When I assert that I am Spirit, I am not saying that I am an invisible being you can’t see. I am in a human body and that body IS Spirit but it is Spirit vibrating at a frequency so slow your physical eyes can see my Spirit, as in, you can see me, my physical body, you can perceive me. My body, mind, emotions and soul ARE Spirit and more importantly, I am Spirit because my physical body has also attuned, has aligned, has accepted, has acknowledged that I AM Spirit, it is real and I live it, I walk the Earth as Spirit having a physical experience. I am in touch with my Spirit as ME. 

I don’t see and experience Spirit as away from me in some nebulous place.I live as it and that is my direct mystical experience and that is why my spiritual experience is profound. 

Open yourself up to the Spirit you ARE and you will have a direct mystical experience too.

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