God, Gods And Goddesses Are Not To Be Prayed TO But To Be Called FORWARD

In connecting more deeply with Spirit/God/The All That Is, I have found that God is not some old man in the sky you pray to for favors. That’s a misguided notion born out of unaware human thinking. What have I found out about the true nature of my relationship with God being on a mystical wisdom path?

What I have found by being on a mystical wisdom path is that the Divine energy of God, Gods and Goddesses is an ever present energy that we can commune with by calling that Divine energy FORWARD. What do I mean by calling that Divine energy forward and not praying and asking for favors?

What I mean by calling that Divine energy forward is to consciously invite, with words spoken silently within or spoken aloud, the energy of God, Gods and Goddesses to be present with you as you allow this energy into your conscious perception. You feel their energy with you and you talk to them. You don’t pray to them as a supplicant, as something or one less than they are. You call them to be with you to commune with you and learn from them. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask for something or one to show up in your life. It does mean respecting that you are also God in form and you are calling in energies that are a part of you, that you co-create with, that you have a relationship with and to. 

Focus here on the reality that you, being in human form, are not less than God, Gods and Goddesses. You are a part of them and they are a part of you. May I encourage you to create sacred space wherever you are and call in Divine Guidance, Divine Grace that is always with you anyway. Calling in Divine Guidance is a form of self-respect that you get paid great dividends for through the occurrence of miracles.

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