The Sevens Steps Of The Spiritual Path

 What is a spiritual path? What is Spirit? As many have for millennia, I have asked these same questions as I knowingly stepped onto my own spiritual wisdom path. Whether you have asked these questions by now or not, I am sharing my knowledge of what I have come to understand of the nature of the seven steps of the true spiritual path.

To traverse a true spiritual path, I found that I had to be aware that it is a rainbow bridge that we cross into the knowingness that the seven steps of the true spiritual path are represented by the colors of the rainbow and these colors also manifest as the seven chakras that translate as the seven energetic vortices of human multidimensionality. What does this mean?

What this means is that humans contain multidimensional energies that help them traverse the spiritual path providing the energies of Earth, creativity, will, heart, truth, intuition and Spirit (and of course, beyond) So, the true spiritual path is multidimensional, meaning you have to be aware of and pay attention to how you connect with:

1. EARTH-meaning your relationship and connection to all your earthly realities such as money, food, housing, etc.

2. CREATIVITY-this is your ability to manifest.

3. WILL-how clear is your connecting link to intent? 

4. HEART-your ability to be Love now and in every moment is essential.

5. TRUTH-the spiritual path demands that you be true to yourself, to know the differences between the voice of ego and the voice of soul  and avoid spiritual traps born of illusion and delusion. Watch out for cognitive traps.

6. INTUITION-being open to Divine Guidance on the path is the most important practice that allows you to know you are being guided by Spirit and not ego.

7. SPIRIT-this is the energy of the crown chakra and represents your connection with Spirit. The more you are willing to allow Spirit to guide you, the more clarity you receive from Spirit.

The spiritual path is a multidimensional path. It contains ALL seven awarenesses listed above. To be successful on the spiritual path, you have to pay attention to all of these energies within yourself as you walk your path. Look at how you are doing with these energies as this will tell you how you are doing on your spiritual path.


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