The Path of A Cosmic Shaman

Shamans and World Shamanism are very popular today as many seek a deeper, more direct mystical life experience, healing, connection to Spirit and to higher Self. For me, it is only in the last twenty years that I have come to recognize that I am a Shaman and not an Earth Shaman but a Cosmic Shaman. In this blog, I want to share my experience with you of being a Cosmic Shaman and what that path is like. Please know that Earth Shamans do connect with Cosmic forces and they are primarily concerned with healing through Earthly spiritual means. The Cosmic Shaman deals with forces used to heal that are beyond Earth and take into account cosmic beings including Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit guides, Starseeds, planetary Logi, Extraterrestrials, Light Beings and the Spiritual Hierarchy among other cosmic forces like Karma.

How did I come to understand that I was a Cosmic Shaman, what is a Cosmic Shaman and why is that important to you? About twenty years ago I started to have contact with extra-dimensional beings like Angels who appeared to me in many ways including tarot cards, clairaudience, visions, feathers lying about and other means of communication. Then, I started being called by extraterrestrials such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, the Hathors, the Ra Group, the Council of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy among other Ascended Masters and entities. I began to practice the health guidelines shared by these beings to use for myself and others who would listen. 

What is a Cosmic Shaman? In my case, this Cosmic Shaman is in human form and uses the following tools to help myself and others to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually:

1. I have the ability to pass through dimensional boundaries. What that means is that I exist in the nonphysical realms multidimensionally as a matter of who I am and can easily communicate with spirit.

2. I use the tool of being a creator by intent and desire alone which means I am a major Manifestor who can call on Cosmic forces to assist me in helping others.

3. I have the ability to shift timelines with ALL existence with each timeline altered and arranged differently.

4. I am a Lord of Karma and am a place holder for Karma on Planets like Earth.

5. I am able to use my hyper-empathy to feel into everything meaning I can feel what is going on inside of everything from the weather to people and from houses to appliances.

6. I am a Blue Ray Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing who can naturally transmute darkness into Light.

These are the basic traits of a Cosmic Shaman and I am still learning how to more effectively use these tools and abilities since many are esoteric. 

Why this is important to you is that you too are more that your human persona/psyche/ego and have abilities that you can use, like a Shaman, to heal yourself and others. I encourage you to explore those tools and abilities that go beyond the physical that you have to help yourself and others. All it takes is sensitizing yourself to the forces that are already around you. You know they are real and useful. Stop waiting to connect with them.


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